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Forklift Operator Training

Operator Training for Forklift Operators

According to OSHA, having the proper powered industrial truck training can help you avoid 70% of workplace accidents. That’s why we offer forklift operator training programs to help your company become a safe workplace. With classroom and practical components, our OSHA forklift operator training gives your employees the necessary experience and certifications.

Our Comprehensive Training Sessions

All training sessions are structured with a classroom piece and a practical component. In the classroom, you’ll learn OSHA safety, run through real-life examples, and complete a thorough quiz that examines understanding of the material. The practical piece will review competence on the equipment. Those who successfully complete these courses receive forklift licenses that are good for three years.
Comprehensive Forklift Training Sessions in Michigan
Forklift Operator Training Programs South East Michigan

Training Programs

Forklift Operator Training

Courses focus on both safety and basic knowledge. We combine classroom instruction with hands-on training to teach you and your team industry standards for operating forklifts.

Aerial Work Platform/Fall Protection Training

We teach you how to recognize safety issues, identify and deal with hazards, perform inspections, and operate aerial lifts correctly. Additionally, our team will show you procedures to protect you and your team from a fall associated with aerial work platforms.

Rough Terrain Forklift Training

Our training focuses on general safety and road procedures associated with rough terrain forklifts as well as preventative maintenance, refueling, batteries, and more.

Crane Training

As an add-on to Aerial Training and fall protection, our crane training course will teach your operators about the power cut-off, upper limit switch, proper pre-operation checks and what to listen and watch for while using an overhead crane.

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